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Need Help Teaching Your Kids About Financial Responsibility? AgentPiggy is on the Case!

After searching high and low for some good allowance ideas for kids, I finally decided to seek professional help with a virtual private investigator. AgentPiggy was just the man for the job… When I first walked into his office, I expected to see the hardened look of a man who had been on the job [...]

How Should Your Child Spend Their Allowance?

As mentioned in previous blogs, it is important that your child’s allowance (or payment) is divided into three accounts: savings, spending and donations. The money that is “deposited” in each of these accounts should be respected in order to establish a positive habit of creating a healthy financial budget. In this post we’re going to [...]

An Interview with Karla Flores, An Economist And Mother

(This interview was translated from our Spanish blog: Karla Flores, economist and mother, “When children do household chores, they learn that things in life aren’t handed over on a silver platter.” Many parents struggle with setting up an allowance system. They aren’t sure about when to start, if it should be it a fixed amount [...]

The Real Story of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Once upon a time there were three little pigs that lived in the forest named Spending, Debt and Savings. Spending wanted the good life—so he decided to buy a 60” TV with a killer audio system, a stereo, an Xbox and build a pool among other things. After he finished buying everything he wanted for [...]

5 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer

Good news! The kids are home for two months. Bad news! The kids are home for 2 months. Summer is a wonderful time when you’re a kid, but can stress parents out if they don’t have any activities planned. Coming up with an entire summer’s worth of fun, easy activities that don’t cost a fortune [...]

Conversation Starter for your Kids: What is the Value of Money?

Does a $15 tank top have the same value as a cute $15 dress? Is a challenging, well-designed $45 video game that you worked hard to earn as valuable as a boring $45 golf game gifted to you by your strange aunt? Of course not! Value isn’t just what something costs; it’s what something is [...]

AgentPiggy wins Wayra Chile

After a month of intense work, AgentPiggy, the first platform for Latin American children, was selected from 750 competing projects as one of the ten Wayra Chile winners. Wayra Chile is a competition for innovative and entrepreneurial projects. This recognition gives AgentPiggy the opportunity to receive $30,000 to $70,000 of funding, marketing and logistical support [...]

Financial Education in the Classroom?

Part of the reason we started AgentPiggy is because we feel as though there has been a lack of financial education in the school system. Today, while economics is a requirement for most students, only 4 states require a semester of personal finance education according to Jump Start Coalition. Our students are graduating without the [...]

At What Age Do Kids Begin to Understand Money?

My friend Ricardo has two nieces. Amalia is 9 and Gabriela is 6. They live in a small town about 2 hours’ drive from a big city. Whenever the girls come into the city, Ricardo gives each girl a few bucks. Amalia looks forward to the city visits, because they give her the opportunity to [...]

Kid’s Allowance: How much should they GIVE?

Last week we discussed saving which is a crucial part of your child’s financial education. This week we are going to talk about teaching your children about sharing. Giving to charity is a rewarding experience and one that is important to begin bestowing upon them at a young age. Hundreds of thousands of charities exist around the [...]

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